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Overview & Specs

The Aroma® Glass Air Fryer wraps powerful technology in beautiful materials. Display this gorgeous convection oven on your countertop and fry crispy, flavorful food at home with little to no oil.

360Crispy heat circulation is the future of frying, and you can set the perfect temperature with a single touch. This air cooker is equipped with strong, efficient fans that circulate 360-degree dry heat to achieve a lighter, crispier texture. With 360Crispy technology, you can air fry faster and more efficiently at lower temperatures. Turn the adjustable time dial and watch your fries, wings, or veggies crisp up in the premium glass basket. Ding! This mini air fryer cooks food faster and more evenly than a small oven – plus, there’s no preheating required. Aroma® combines elegant aesthetics with unmatched cooking efficiency. Savor that healthy crunch at home with 360Crispy!
1 Year Limited Warranty

7.74 lbs

Product Dimensions

9.38″L x 11.25″W x 11″H

Power Consumption

120V 60Hz 900W

Try These Recipes Air Fryer Recipes

9 minutes
Serves 3

Tomato Avocado Melts

A quick on-the-go meal for any time of day

40 minutes
Serves 12 Flautas

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Flautas

A fried Mexican favorite that’s completely vegetarian and vegan friendly

80 minutes
Serves 2-4

Sweet Potato Tots

A sweet and savory finger food perfect for entertaining

Common Questions & Helpful Answers

From basics to troubleshooting.

The better question is what can’t you cook in an air fryer! Almost all foods from small appetizers and snacks to large cuts of meats and seafood can be prepared in your AROMA® air fryer. Frozen foods such as chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and French fries can all be optimally air fried to get that perfect, crave-able crunch with less of the guilt that comes with deep frying. You’ll get even browning on your steaks, pork chops, and burgers all while locking in the delicious flavor and tenderness of your meat. Even homemade pizzas, muffins and pastries can be “baked” in your air fryer. Be sure to check out our Test Kitchen for simple, accessible recipes and further inspiration for air-fried goodies!

Refer to your product manual for specific foods, capacities, settings, functions, and cooking times applicable to your model.

Misplaced your product manual? Head over here and type in your model number to find an online copy of the manual.

The beauty of air fryer technology is that most foods, including frozen foods, require no oil at all while cooking. For extra-crispy results, simply mist your food(s) with a few dusts of vegetable oil. Fresh foods, such as chicken wings or vegetables, need a light amount of oil in order to become properly browned throughout the air frying process.

When cooking foods that are layered in the deep frying basket (such as French fries or chicken nuggets), shaking the contents of the basket occasionally is necessary to ensure even cooking and to prevent the food from sticking together.

Look under the unit to check that the two rubber feet on the bottom of the unit are securely in place. Ensure the safety switch, just below the control panel (located at the top of the heating element), is pushed in. It must be pushed in to properly function. Be sure that the unit is set up properly. If the unit is setup correctly yet is not functioning, press the red reset button.

Replacement filters are available for select models. You may purchase replacement filters online by visiting our Replacement Parts page or by contacting our customer support department at 1(800) 276-6286 during our business hours.

Your product’s model number is a 6-7 character code in the format of XXX-XXXX and can be found on the manufacturer’s sticker on the back side or bottom of your appliance. Air fryer and deep fryer model numbers will begin with “AAF” followed by a hyphen and 3-4 numbers and/or letters.

Compared to deep frying where your foods are consistently submersed in fatty oils, air frying takes a different, more health-conscious approach. When you air fry, no oil is required to get that perfect crunch and crisp on your foods.

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