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Delicious Recipes & Helpful How-To's

Make healthy, delicious dishes with ease. We’re here to help.

5.5 hours
Serves 8

Sweet Red Bean Soup with Tang Yuan (Rice Balls Dessert)

Celebrate Lantern Festival with Tang Yuan Red Bean Soup, infused with orange zest!

40 minutes
Serves 6

Cranberry Swirl White Chocolate Cheesecake

A delightful mix of tangy cranberry and rich white chocolate in every bite

1.5 hours
Serves 1

Easy Air Fryer Bread Pumpkin

Taste and shape like a pumpkin… with only a few ingredients and an air fryer!

40 minutes
Serves 4

Air Fryer Baked Apple

Caramelized apples stuffed with buttery pecan-raisin goodness.

2.5 hours
Serves 4

Rice Cooker Apple Cobbler

This easy rice cooker apple cobbler is made from fresh apples.

75 minutes
Serves 6

Air Fryer Peach Puff Tart

A quick & easy sweet treat with puff pastry, peaches, and goat cheese in your air fryer

15 minutes
Serves 4

Air Fried Triple-Layer S'more Dip

The perfect blend of creamy, tangy, and crispy – a snack that’s set to be your new favorite

4.25 hours
Serves 12

Aroma's No Bake Lemon Cheese Cake

Creamy, zesty No Bake Lemon Cheesecake using your Aroma rice cooker

Rice Cooker Hacks for Sticky Rice

Perfect your sticky rice game with Aroma rice cooker—no soaking, no steaming, just delicious results​

2.5 hours
Serves 4


Make a surprisingly simple apple cobbler in your slow cooker.

4.1 hours
Serves 4


3 ingredients in under 30 minutes – the perfect pumpkin treat!  

55 minutes
Serves 8


This gooey, sweet marshmallow treat has a fun summer style!

2.05 hours
Serves 4


Enjoy a silky, light dessert, served right from your rice cooker!

13.2 hours
Serves 4-6

Caramel Pear Parfait

Taste Fall season with this autumn themed parfait with yogurt.

5 Delicious Mommy & Me Desserts To Make In Your Rice Cooker

Perfectly easy way to spend some Mommy & Me time!

95 mins
Serves 14

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

A fun way to enjoy a delicious, sweet roll with strawberry jam and rich cream cheese icing.

50 minutes
Serves 12 muffin

Rice Cooker Made Blueberry Muffin

Healthy moist snack choice to make with Aroma rice cooker’s STEAM function.

75 minutes
Serves 4-6

Banana Bread Made Easy

a classic rice cooker made dessert