Aroma Rice Cooker Manual, FAQ, Parts, and Support Hub

Searching for an Aroma rice cooker manual, replacement parts, or extra accessories? You’re in the right place!

Start with our what, where, and why guide for Aroma product manuals, product parts, and more: 

What: Aroma Rice Cooker Instructions

Where: Narrow down the catalog by selecting a category, then scroll to find your specific product. Or, locate the model number labeled on your Aroma rice cooker (starting with ARC-xxx), type it into our search box, and jump straight to the product page. Not sure how? Check out this FAQ about how to find my model number.

Why: Download (or print!) a copy of your Aroma rice cooker manual for later. Inside the rice cooker manual, you’ll find rice-to-water ratios, tips on how to cook different grains, suggestions for special cooking functions, and fan-favorite recipes.

Plus, every Aroma product manual explains how to contact our California-based service and support team for help within our limited warranty.

 What: Affordable Aroma Replacement Parts

Where: All available parts are listed on the product page. Simply search by model number or browse the catalog to find your appliance, then select the accessories you want to replace. (We recommend buying extras for appliances you rely on every day. Just in case!)

Sold out? Sign up for the waitlist to let us know what you need, and we’ll notify you when the part is back in stock. Some universal accessories, like soup ladles and serving spatulas, are also grouped together in our ‘featured accessories’ category.

Why: It’s often cheaper for companies to replace the entire unit, instead of manufacturing, storing, and shipping replacement parts; but we choose to manufacture and sell rice cooker parts because it’s our eco-friendly responsibility to keep working appliances out of landfills.

What: Aroma Rice Cooker FAQ

Where: Most Aroma rice cookers have a full FAQ posted on the product page, and we’re working hard to add more soon. If you’ve already flipped through your Aroma product manual and can’t find an answer, look here next. Aroma’s FAQ is full of common questions and helpful answers, ranging from basic cooking tips to specific troubleshooting.  

Why: We’re here to empower and uplift home chefs with a new generation of user-friendly, versatile appliances. Find your confidence in the kitchen with quick, easy answers that change the way you cook.

What: Aroma product registration

Where: No matter where you purchased your appliance, Aroma can help you protect it. Click here to visit the Product Registration Page and add information to get started. The model number is located near the top left of the manufacturer sticker, and your serial number is printed in the bottom right.

Why: Register your Aroma rice cooker or other appliances for free – it’s quick and easy! We’ll follow up with recommended recipes, support reminders, and tips to maximize your experience.


Aroma rice cookers come with all the parts and instructions you need to start cooking, right out of the box. But life happens, and things get lost or broken along the way, so we built a user-friendly parts catalog to help you find what you’re looking for.

Still need help? Aroma Housewares Customer Support has the answers! Our team is based in San Diego, CA with office hours from 9 AM to 4 PM (PST), Monday through Friday. Click here to contact our team and start a conversation.