2024 Gift Guide for Moms Who Love to Cook (and Those Who DON’T!)

It’s finally here: Aroma’s 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide for moms who love to cook (and, maybe even more importantly, for those who don’t!) Some moms want to be creative in the kitchen; others just want to get dinner on the table as fast as possible. We can help you shop for both.

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Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Cooking

Glass-Top Digital Multicooker

This year, gift your mom a gorgeous rice cooker that deserves its spot on the counter. Aroma’s digital multicooker has 12 smart cooking modes (rice, grains, soup, cake, yogurt, oatmeal, steam, slow cook, and more!) with a glass top, so you can check progress without lifting the lid.

Everyday XL Roaster Oven

Not sure what to get for a mom who likes to cook? Go big! Aroma’s 22-quart electric oven is a powerhouse for holiday parties. (It’s big enough to hold a 26-pound turkey!) It’s also more efficient than a full-size oven, so she can use it for roasting or warming everyday meals.

Purple Clay Earthenware Rice Cooker

If you’re shopping for the mom who has everything, try earthenware crockery with a modern twist. Unglazed, porous purple clay has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese cooking. This non-toxic pot releases alkaline minerals into every dish, and it seasons over time.

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Don’t Like to Cook

Beautiful Glass Air Fryer

What kitchen items can be gifted? We recommend gifting beautiful appliances (because they’re the most fun to unwrap!) Aroma’s 360Crispy Glass Air Fryer makes freezer food feel elegant with a sleek white and gold design. This glass basket is also perfect for chronic over-cookers.

Two-in-One Electric Hot Pot

Has your mom ever tried Chinese hot pot or Japanese shabu shabu? This timeless meal is easy to put together, fun to enjoy with friends, and requires little to no cooking. Add a slotted spoon, chopsticks, and some soup bases to make your own ‘hot pot starter kit’ gift set.

7-Cup Digital Glass Kettle
We know what mom wants for Mother’s Day: a warm, cozy mug with her favorite drink. This electric tea kettle reaches boiling temps faster than any other kettle on the market, so she can sip and relax even faster. Pair it with a bag of coffee, a new tea steeper, or hot chocolate mix.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Food Gifts

Live Cooking Class at Home

Sign up for a free cooking class with Homemade. These live cooking classes are filmed every Tuesday and Thursday, so you can plan a cooking date with mom to hang out in the kitchen and learn something new. (If that doesn’t fit your schedule, you can watch the replay anytime.)

Personal Delivery Driver

The best Mother’s Day gift might actually be taking dinner off her to-do list entirely. Place an order at her favorite restaurant and bring takeout right to her front door, no planning or prepping required. A DoorDash giftcard might come in handy if you’re celebrating from afar.

Hobby with a Cup of Coffee

Invite your mom to share her favorite hobby and teach you a few tricks. Is she interested in powerwalking, thrifting, puzzling, or axe throwing? Start your day with a cup of freshly ground coffee, then let her take the lead. It’s a low-stress way to (re)connect and make memories.