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What makes our houseware different? Simply put, it’s because we make it. Every product is designed, tested, and developed in-house. Every item is stamped with our commitment to quality.

Healthy One-Pot Meals
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Wow this is a great machine!

Ok I can’t believe I’m compelled to write this review, but I’m obsessed with this rice cooker. It cooks SO much more than just rice. We used it to make oatmeal this morning. I made a ridiculously perfect and easy frittata in it while doing literally anything else. I threw half of my fridge and pantry in it and made a banging risotto casserole. Random deliciousness. Gonna try making bone broth in it soon.

Adam Philips
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Essential for cooking.

This is my 3rd unit. I’m amazed at all of the things you can cook in a rice cooker. For instance making pasta in this unit cuts down the time vs using a regular pot. Always clean the inner pot by hand because it’s a breeze. If you clean it in the dishwasher it will cause the protective cover to peel off. And the most important, make sure the outer surface of the inner pot is dry. Very very important from a safety standard.

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Love this rice cooker!

Love this rice cooker! I love Aroma cookers period. This is my 2nd one. I see people say that the rice comes out uncooked. That’s slightly true. I noticed that the rice comes out a tiny bit under done. All I do is let it sit in the cooker on warm for an extra 5-10 mins and that takes care of it! With lid on. No biggie! Easy to clean and steamer works great while rice is cooking. U CAN cook rice and steam at the SAME time.

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2.5 hours
Serves 3

Rosé Poached Pears

Indulge in the subtle elegance and delightful blend of sweetness and spice

35 minutes
Serves 2

Easy One Pot Salmon Rice

Indulge in a delightful mix of salmon, umami-rich rice, mushrooms, and tangy roe – all prepared effortlessly in one pot.

35 minutes
Serves 4


Want a quick, flavorful way to spice up rice? Just add Sichuan flavors!

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