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Delicious Recipes & Helpful How-To's

Make healthy, delicious dishes with ease. We’re here to help.

One-of-a-kind ‘Elevator’ Hot Pot

The first hot pot that is truly designed for everyone.

40 minutes
Serves 2-4

One Pot Mapo Tofu Over Rice

smooth and silky, with a slightly hot and numbing taste that lingers on the tongue

60 minutes
Serves 2

Festive Baked Cranberry Rosemary Chicken

Bold flavors from fresh garlic, rosemary, citrus, and tangy-sweet cranberries come together.

Chinese New Year Hot Pot Celebration (Premade Shopping List Inside!)

2.5 hours
Serves 4

Rice Cooker Apple Cobbler

an easy and fail-proof rice cooker apple cobbler recipe

18 mins
Serves 2

Grilled Rosemary Garlic Steak

Classic juicy & flavorful New York strip seared in Aroma 3-in-1 Grillet.

These Small Appliances Will Get You Through the Holidays

Bundle these small kitchen appliances with little extras that inspire them to break it out of the box.

5 hours
Serves 14-16

Garlic Butter Roasted Turkey

Make with a frozen turkey, lots of rich butter, fresh herb, and a hint of  lemon, and flavorful onion and garlic

15 minutes
Serves 1-2

4 Easy Hot Pot Soup Bases

Spruce up your hot pot with these 4 easy soup bases!

Hot Pot at Home: Master the Basics

How to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

3 Rice Cooker Facts You Might not Know

3.12 hours
Serves 4-6

Slow Cook Acorn Squash

An easy and decorative Thanksgiving side dish

The Ultimate Whole Grain Cooking Guide

Perfect Rice to Water Ratio for All Types of Grains

15 mins
Serves 1

Apple Onion Grill Cheese

a classic onion grilled cheese with an autumn twist

25 minutes
Serves 4

No Bake Pumpkin Pudding

a sweet and creamy  twist to a classic pumpkin dessert

Are Digital Rice Cookers Worth Splurging? It Depends…

Do You Really Need a Digital Rice Cooker? (Answer: YES)

40 minutes
Serves 4

Garlic Butter Shrimp Rice

delicious flavor combination of garlicky, buttery shrimp and rice

Hosting and Serving Tips for Party Food Worth Sharing

Become a Party Planning Pro with These Hosting Hacks

Join other 40K+ customers for  free recipes, kitchen tips and hacks, and holiday giveaways!

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