3 Rice Cooker Facts You Might not Know

⭐️⓵ You know that random little cup that comes with your rice cooker? It’s NOT just a silly accessory or yet another measuring cup to toss in the drawer. It’s a special RICE measuring cup that evolved from long-standing culinary traditions in Asia.

So, when your recipe calls for one cup of rice, make sure to use this one! If you’ve lost or misplaced your rice cup, that’s okay! It’s about the same as a ¾ US cup.

⭐️⓶ Oh… and the lines inside your Aroma rice cooker? That’s meant for water, not rice. Always pour the rice in first, rinse thoroughly, and add water.
2 cups of rice, fill to the 2 line.
4 cups of rice, fill to the 4 line.
6 cups of… well, you get the idea.

⭐️⓷ Confused about cooked vs. uncooked?
Don’t overfill your rice cooker. Remember – dry rice will always double in size when it’s ready to serve.