Hack or Pass? Back to School Shopping for Dorm Room Kitchens

Late nights in the library, long walks across campus, and cheap bowls of dorm room ramen – it’s a rite of passage. Aroma is here to help you make ramen (and other dorm-friendly dishes) the right way.

Is it a hack, or should you pass? Discover what dorm room cooking methods make the grade:


  1. Make grilled cheese with an iron? PASS…

This might sound quirky and fun, but it’s a recipe for disaster. How-to guides mostly just explain how many ways there are to burn yourself, and this ‘cooking’ method is painfully slow.

Instead, get an Aroma Whatever Pot® with a nonstick grill pan that is… you know, actually designed for grilling (not laundry).

  1. Cook ramen with an electric kettle? PASS…

You might have seen TikTok videos of college students boiling pasta, ramen, and noodles directly in their electric kettles. It’s not a good idea. Pasta residue can ruin your kettle’s heating element and cause it to boil over without warning.

Instead, pour boiling water into a bowl – you’ll need it to eat your dinner anyway. Aroma’s redesigned electric kettle has the fastest boil time on the market, and the integrated base takes up virtually no counter space.

  1. Turn your rolling cart into a pantry? HACK!

In cramped, small spaces, a set of wheels makes all the difference. Utility carts are an inexpensive way to store appliances, dishes, or pantry staples. If your bed risers are tall enough, you can store carts underneath it and roll your kitchen out when it’s time to cook.

  1. Steam veggies and poach salmon in a coffee maker? PASS…

Okay – yes… technically it can work, but your morning coffee will taste like salmon for the rest of the semester (and you’ll probably have to scoop it onto the plate with your hands. Not fun.)

Instead, use Aroma’s smallest rice and grain cooker to prep dinner in one pot with the bonus steam tray.


  1. Cook giant, fluffy pancakes in a rice cooker? HACK!

We call them multicookers for a reason. Use the ‘cake’ setting on your digital rice cooker to simplify the process, or just keep an eye on it. Even Aroma’s simple, one-touch rice cookers make it a breeze to cook breakfast for dinner.

  1. Cook scrambled eggs in the microwave? HACK!

Don’t expect to get this right on the first try. It’s tricky to avoid under-or overcooking your eggs, but the microwave does work in a pinch. Spray a microwave-safe mug with cooking spray and whisk eggs inside, then partially cover them with plastic wrap and cook for 90 seconds at 70% power.

Of course, if you have an Aroma Whatever Pot®, you might as well make the most of it. The stainless steel cooking pot is an easier alternative to prepare scrambled eggs, omelets, quiches, and more.


Don’t forget to check your campus move-in guide or dorm rules and double check what appliances are allowed. With the right tools, you can turn your tiny DIY kitchen into a cozy space that feels like home.