Chinese New Year Hot Pot Celebration (Premade Shopping List Inside!)

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Sunday, January 22, 2023. The best parties often include lucky money envelopes, red paper lanterns, traditional dragon dances, and bubbling hot pot… are you prepped and ready?

Luckily, you still have time to shop for your party.


Recipe & Shopping Guide

How to Make Hot Pot at Home

First, you’ll need to choose the right hot pot to cook in. Aroma’s got a variety of hot pots for you to choose from: dual-sided, double circles, smart lifting, hot pot/grill 2-in-1… You’ve got options!

Common Hot Pot Ingredients

Finding authentic Chinese ingredients in the US can be tricky, especially if you don’t have an Asian market nearby. That’s why we partnered with Weee! – an online delivery service that specializes in Asian and Hispanic groceries.

How to Pick a Hot Pot Soup Base

Liupo Hot Pot Soup Base

Unleash spicy, warm, comforting flavors while your red broth bubbles, and don’t forget to put more hot sauce on the side.

Bone Broth Hot Pot Base

Looking for a savory soup base with a little less spice? White hot pot bone broths are another Chinese favorite.

Thin-Sliced Meat for Hot Pot

Sliced USDA Choice Beef

Thinner slices are always best for flash-cooking in the broth, and this pre-cut 1lb plate is the perfect size for sharing.

Sliced Lamb Shoulder

Lamb hot pot is a staple of Asian comfort food with a soft, ready-to-bite texture and robust flavor.

Sliced Pork Belly

These cuts naturally have a salty, decadent taste from thin lines of marbled fat. You’ll love how quickly it cooks in the hot pot broth.

Crisp Grass Carp Slices

These boneless filets are full of flavor with a firm, crunchy texture that is especially popular with kids.

Specialty Seafood for Hot Pot

Fish Roe in Lucky Bags

Also known as money bags, these tofu puffs burst in your mouth with fresh, fishy flavor and lots of luck for the new year!

Imitation Crab Sticks

Slightly salty with a mild flavor – these frozen sticks will soak up your broth and let the soup base spices shine.

Pollock Fish Roll

This delicate Chinese staple is made with fresh Alaskan pollock, and it only takes five or six minutes to cook.

Chinese Hot Pot Vegetables

Fresh Lotus Root

No hot pot party is complete without iconic slices of lotus root – a mild, sweet vegetable with a little bit of crunch.

Enoki Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms are a must-have in Chinese hot pot. Fully cook these long, thin strands for a chewy texture and nutty taste.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitakes are bursting with umami flavor, and it only takes a second to cook the thick, tender mushroom caps.

Shanghai Mieu

Also known as baby bok choy, shanghai mieu is worth the wait. Let these thick stems cook for approximately five minutes.

Jumbo Romaine Hearts

Most American grocery stores carry romaine hearts, so it’s an easy, budget-friendly addition to your hot pot table.

Sweet Bok Choy

Full-size, sweet bok choy tastes delicious between bites of meat or fish because it soaks up all the savory broth flavor.

Hot Pot Noodles & Tofu

Sichuan Sweet Potato Noodles

These thick, chewy noodles are quick to cook and easy to love. Try dunking them in more sauce before you take a bite. 

Firm Tofu

Prepping tofu for hot pot is easy – simply press it between paper towels to dry and cut it into chewy, hearty cubes for dunking.


Hot Pot Dipping Sauces

Spicy Sesame Paste

Hot pot is a wonderful party food because everyone can choose what they love and make it their own, including extra sauce on the side.

Dayu Original Dipping Sauce

With hints of soy sauce, spice, and full sesame flavor, this authentic hot pot sauce will be a crowd favorite.

Wishing you lots of good luck in this next Year of the Rabbit, and happy Chinese New Year from our team at Aroma Housewares.