Are Digital Rice Cookers Worth Splurging? It Depends…

Do you need a simple machine that works with a single touch? Or a digital powerhouse with preset cooking modes for all your favorite dishes? Essentially, all modern rice cookers fit into two categories: traditional and digital.

You might prefer to splurge on a digital model or keep things simple with a traditional device; ultimately, the choice comes down to price, aesthetics, and function.


Electric rice cookers are designed to streamline and simplify the traditional art of preparing rice, but modern cookers can do a lot more. Size isn’t typically a defining factor when comparing basic pot-style and digital models.

You can find both types of rice cookers in virtually all sizes, ranging from single servings (4 cups cooked) to bulk commercial batches (60 cups cooked).


Basic pot-style rice cookers are typically less expensive than digital models, but all of Aroma’s appliances are priced with affordability in mind. Of course, you might save money in the long run by purchasing one do-it-all appliance at a slightly higher price.

Basic electric rice cookers are specially designed to one thing very well. Although you can get creative and use simple appliances to cook multiple dishes, the internal computer isn’t pre-built to support that. In exchange for the cheaper price, you might find yourself using it less because the cooker lacks versatility.


If the word ‘digital’ makes you think of sleek stainless steel and modern black finishes, you’re right! But don’t worry – Aroma has released several new styles and variations to add more color to your kitchen.

No matter what style you choose, it’s worth noting that digital models look a little more complex. If you prefer to keep things simple with a toggle switch and minimalistic controls, Aroma’s traditional pot-style rice cookers have the perfect look.


No surprise… electric rice cookers are modeled after traditional cooking methods. It was a tedious and time-consuming task to manage heat levels with an open flame and stove, but now built-in sensors track time and temperature. Start on low, increase the heat, and cool things off when the pot stars to bubble. These automatic adjustments occur during the cooking process – all without lifting the lid.

Picking the best rice cookers really depends on the kind of meals you want to make.

Looking for even more microchip magic? Aroma’s digital rice and grain cookers are designed to maximize the flavor and texture of many different foods. White rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and quinoa settings are just the beginning. Aroma’s most versatile digital models are also equipped with sauté-then-simmer® (STS) technology to automate two-stage cooking.


Just like the digital versions, Aroma’s pot-style rice cookers automatically switch to ‘keep warm’ when the rice is ready. However, you’ll only find delay settings and timer controls, like countdown displays, on more advanced models. Listen for the beep!

Plus, many of the best digital rice cookers have smart modes for slow cooking and quick (or ‘flash’) rice. Pot-style cookers are reliable and predictable, but only computerized, digital models give you control over the cooking time.


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