First This, Then That: Kitchen Tools for Back to School

Think ‘back to school’ shopping guides only apply to students? Think again! Everyone deserves to eat well and enjoy the art of cooking at home – no matter what grade you’re in.

Build your kitchen and upgrade appliances, one step at a time! This fall, it’s easy to find your starting place and cook your way to graduation.

First-Time Helpers: 20-Cup Digital Multicooker

With hand-over-hand guidance and careful prompting, even eager toddlers can help get dinner on the table. No matter how old your cooking student is, we always recommend (safely!) bringing them into the kitchen and making them truly feel at home.

Our 20-Cup Digital Rice & Grain Cooker is the perfect size for family dinners, and there are 13 unique cooking modes to simplify meal prep. Aroma’s Sensor Logic™ technology does all the heavy lifting to support and empower first-time helpers.

You might also like a Select Stainless rice cooker with one-touch controls.

Independent Cookers: Whatever Pot®

Help your student gain independence in the kitchen, even before they head off to college or their first apartment. Aroma’s Whatever Pot® has a 2-in-1 design with an interchangeable pot and grill plate, so pre-teens and high schoolers can do even more with a single appliance.

Powerful, adjustable heat ranges from 300° to 450°F with intuitive symbols marked around the front dial. Plus, the grill pan has a non-stick coating to help speed up cleanup!

You might also like a 360Crispy Glass Air Fryer to try trending oil-free recipes from TikTok.


Dorm Room Chefs: Mini Rice Cooker

Most dorm rooms and campus housing groups have appliance restrictions. Make sure to check your community guidelines before move-in day! (If you choose to sneak in a small rice cooker, we won’t tell your RA.)

We recommend stocking your very first, ultra-tiny kitchenette with a 4-cup rice cooker pot. The one-touch control switches from cooking to warming, and this powerful little pot knows when your rice is perfectly done! Use it for grains, soup, oatmeal, pancakes, and so much more.

You might also like a digital glass kettle for cup-a-noodles, coffee, and tea.


Shared Kitchen Roomies: Super Pot®

Moving into a new, bigger space? The Super Pot® needs to be at the top of your student kitchen wish list! One pot does so much more than just cook white and brown rice. Prepare fast, flavorful dishes worth sharing – like steamed vegetables, Spanish rice, and sautéed stir fries.

The automatic ‘keep warm’ function is perfect for late night snacking, house parties, and Friendsgiving. Make the most of your quad or communal kitchen with a single, versatile appliance that never fails to impress. The non-stick inner pot, accessories, and steam rack are super easy to clean, too!

You might also like a 3-in-1 Electric Grillet for year-round indoor grilling in any weather.



Lifelong Learner: SmartCarb® Multicooker

Whether you just moved into your first ‘adult’ apartment, or you’ve been cooking family meals for years, it’s never too late to learn new tricks! Aroma frequently publishes new recipes, and we love to hear what our community is cooking up at home.

Upgrade your kitchen appliances with new technology that supports your healthy eating goals. For example, Aroma’s SmartCarb® Multicooker uses smart steam cycles and a special inner pot to lock in more flavor and remove up to 30% of starchy sugars from rice.

Did you know that Aroma can turn any rice into a lower-carb alternative? Lifelong learners discover new things every day!

You might also like a Turbo Convection Air Oven with six cooking modes for dozens of recipes.

We love to see what you’re cooking – from move-in day to graduation week and beyond. Join the community and get inspired with @aromahousewares on Instagram.