How to Cook Beans in Rice Cooker

Cooking dry beans in Aroma rice cooker is easy!

  1. Sift through, wash and clean the beans in case of debris.
  2. Soak the beans with warm water*. Discard any beans that float. Drain.
  3. Transfer the soaked beans to your rice cooker’s inner pot with 1:2 or 1:3 water ratio.
  4. Use the Steam function of your Aroma digital rice cooker to run through a cycle.

*To avoid overflow, it is recommended to soak beans thoroughly and cook no more than 2 cups of beans at a time in your rice cooker.

Reference below water ratio chart to cook beans:

Soak Time Bean:Water Ratio Cook Time
Red Kidney Bean 24hr 1:3 30-45 min
Black Bean 12hr 1:3 30-45 min
Chickpea 8hr 1:2 30 min
Lentil N/A 1:2 25 min
Navy Bean 8hr 1:2 30 min
Pinto Bean 24hr 1:3 30-45 min