Small Kitchen Storage Hacks (No More Clutter!)

Kickstart your healthy cooking transformation in the heart of your home – the kitchen. A fresh, organized workspace can completely change your mindset and inspire healthy habits.

Revamp your kitchen on a budget with better storage, creative space planning, and smarter appliances:

1. Make Space for Countertop Cooking

Cluttered countertops are a constant source of frustration, especially when it’s time to break out the pressure cooker but there’s nowhere to put it.

If your kitchen is full of bills, keys, papers, and random clutter, we recommend setting up a ‘drop zone’ by the door. Stop at your catch-all coat rack, stacking baskets, or 3-tier cart and empty your pockets on the way in. This mindful separation keeps clutter (and stress!) out of your kitchen.

On the flipside, your kitchen might be full of cooking clutter. An old juicer with missing parts? A bulky pressure cooker that makes mushy rice? They’ve got to go. Swap single-use appliances and outdated kitchen tools for more modern, versatile alternatives. Do-it-all multicookers unlock more counter space and simplify creative cooking.

2. Creative Storage for Unused Spaces

With a little creativity, you can reclaim the wasted space in your kitchen. If you’re struggling to reach the back corner of an upper cabinet, try adding a Lazy Susan turntable. Simply spin the rack and bring hidden must-haves to the front.

Vertical space planning can unlock more storage, too. Rethink your kitchen organization from the top down by adding a hanging spice rack, mounted pot rack, stacking shelves, or storage baskets that hang down from the shelf above.

3. Always Follow the Recipe

Mentally walk-through a few of your go-to recipes to test your layout for efficiency: how many different drawers do you need to open; how many times do you need to cross the kitchen; how many items do you need to move in order to access the appliance you want?

For example, instead of storing bags of rice in your pantry, set up a large rice dispenser right next to your multicooker. This way, you can dispense rice with one touch and pour it straight into the pot. One cupboard, one task!


4. Pretty and Practical: Appliances on Display

Picture this – a sleek, modern multicooker sitting proudly on your countertop, or a crystal glass air fryer that sparkles on open shelving. It’s not just a kitchen tool; it’s a design statement. A pretty, practical kitchen will inspire you to spend more time there.

Whether you’re struggling to fit into a small space or make an open-concept kitchen feel cozy, we always recommend focusing on function. Instead of filling space with knick-knacks, center your kitchen décor around real recipes, enticing features, and beautiful materials.

With a few small tweaks, you can turn a cluttered or stressful kitchen into your own little sanctuary. This year, Aroma is here to help you rediscover the joy of cooking at home.