Travel Kitchen Cooking Hacks, from Hiking to Hotels

Take the comforts of home with you on the road. Whether you’re tent camping, glamping in an RV, renting a cabin, or staying in a hotel, Aroma’s small appliances are built for adventure:

Hiking with Freshly Ground Coffee

Every item in your pack makes the climb more difficult, but we think this one is worth it. Grind fresh coffee at the summit and get a caffeine boost to prepare for the hike.

Aroma’s mini coffee grinder is super lightweight and incredibly efficient. This grinder only requires 150W of power, so you can plug it into a solar-powered charging bank anywhere on the trail.

Tent Camping with Wok Sautéed Veggies

Cooking over a campfire is tricky, even with a public grill box or designated fire pit. Aroma’s Ultimate Wok® is finished with an exceptional thermal base that uniformly distributes heat, even when cooking with an inconsistent heat source.

Plus, the 5-quart capacity is large enough to cook group meals for the entire campsite, and the wok’s raised sides prevent spills on uneven surfaces. Pack light with this surprisingly versatile piece of non-stick aluminum cookware.

During peak fire season, it’s not uncommon for campgrounds to ban all open flames. Switch to a powerful electric heat source and use your wok on Aroma’s single burner hot plate instead.

Road-tripping with Rice Dishes

Prepare fluffy, flavorful rice dishes on the go with MiAroma, our smallest, most minimalistic cooker. Power inverters can convert 12V DC power from your car’s cigarette lighter into 300 watts of useable AC power.

The MiAroma appliance only requires 230 watts of low-amp power to cook 1.5 cups of uncooked rice, so it won’t overload the circuit. If you’re using your car battery without the motor, make sure to switch off other systems that drain power, including the stereo, AC, and headlights.

RV Camping with Smoky, Grilled Meat

Grilled vegetables, seared burgers, and sizzling seafood taste even better when you’re camping. But when the weather turns, grilling in the rain sounds a lot less appetizing.

Achieve that smoky flavor and gorgeous grill marks with an electric indoor grill. The Aroma Grillet® has deep sides and a spacious non-stick grilling pan that is easy to clean. Choose the smaller 3-quart size to maximize kitchen storage or cook for a crowd with the 4-quart grill. 

Cabin Retreat with Cozy Hot Pot

Most cabins have full-size generators or wired power sources to run standard household appliances. The issue here isn’t maximum wattage, it’s all about maximizing space.

Aroma’s new Smart Electric Hot Pot doubles as a food steamer, so you can use it to prepare side dishes and cook hot, flavorful soups. With a built-in electric lift basket, you don’t have to pack any extra tongs, strainers, or skimmer spoons.

Hotel Stay with a Little Bit of Everything

Hotel and motel rooms are rarely equipped with kitchens, which can make long weekend trips and extended stays challenging. Whether you’re trying to save money or make healthier choices, it’s better to eat at ‘home.’

One small, versatile appliance can change everything and unlock dozens of healthy recipe options. The Aroma Whatever Pot® has dual cooking surfaces with a non-stick grill pan, stainless steel pot, and adjustable heat for both.

Plus, everything nestles together in a lightweight, compact cooker that fits in your carry-on!


These on-the-go ideas are inspired by feedback from real Aroma customers – try them at your own risk. Especially when cooking outdoors, it’s important to be mindful about moisture and plan for the quality of your power source.

Wherever you’re staying and whatever you’re cooking, always use common sense for safety!