A Rice Dispenser for Perfect Measuring and Dry Storage

Rice is a pantry staple in kitchens around the world, and it’s the heart of many cuisines. These chewy, fluffy grains are a blank canvas that absorbs flavor, melds with new textures, and transforms into memorable dishes.

Plus, rice is extremely shelf-stable and long-lasting – if it’s stored properly.

Keep reading to learn more about rice storage, and how to pick the best rice container for fluffier, tastier grains. (Your future self will thank you.)


Pantry Rice Storage Container

How long can you keep rice in the pantry? Is it ok to store rice in a plastic container? Do I really need an airtight rice container? These questions are super common, and we’ll answer all of them here!

Rice storage is actually pretty simple, and we live by this motto: keep it sealed, keep it dry, and don’t overbuy.

Keep it sealed

All grain varieties last longer in airtight containers. If possible, we recommend using a vacuum-sealed container for storing rice, like this one. Thick, opaque BPA-free plastic is a good choice for pantry storage – even better than glass – because it’s durable, shatter-resistant, and can protect against light and heat.

Keep it dry

Damp grains and water splashes are obvious, but humid air can do damage, too! Keep your rice clean and dry in a sealed rice container that is easy to close immediately after scooping. Or upgrade to a rice dispenser so that everything stays sealed while you measure and serve.

A rice dispenser can help limit exposure to moisture, contaminants, and humidity. (And it takes the guesswork out of measuring, too.) Aroma’s measured rice dispenser fills the tray for you without breaking the lid’s seal on top. 

Don’t overbuy

White rice is shelf stable for years, if it’s stored correctly. Even so, you might notice a difference in taste and texture after a few months. As a general rule, rice holds its peak freshness for about 30 days after it has been opened. A 20-pound bag of rice should be plenty for most families to eat in a month, and it fits perfectly inside our large rice storage containers.

We recommend using the first-in, first-out strategy for fresh rice and grains. A good rice dispenser automatically does this for you! Refill the container by pouring new rice on top, then dispense older grains into the tray on the bottom – easy. 


Rice Storage for Emergencies

Yes, we just discussed why you shouldn’t overbuy, but sometimes you need to plan and prep in bulk.

Rice should definitely be part of your emergency food supply kit, if it’s not already! Rice is naturally gluten-free, protein-rich, fiber-rich, and high in calories. Plus, American rice producers add vitamins and minerals to fortify the grains for nutritional benefits.

Utah State University shared a Preserve the Harvest guide about how to seal and store rice for years, not just months. According to a referenced BYU study, polished white rice can keep its flavor and full nutrient profile for up to 30 years!

Long-term emergency food storage should always be kept in vacuum-sealed containers. The same is true for rice storage; look for an airtight rice container that completely seals out air, moisture, and contaminants – like this one from Aroma. If your container is left unopened, the vacuum seal is guaranteed to stay pressurized for up to six months.

Food-safe oxygen absorbers can also extend the shelf life of rice. These small packets are available from specialty food storage suppliers, and they do exactly what it sounds like – absorb oxygen to prevent oxidation. Put the oxygen absorbers into your airtight rice storage container right away, then seal everything up for freshness in the future.

Just one more tip to consider: always choose polished white rice, not brown rice, for long-term storage. Brown rice is a whole grain, so it still has the bran attached. Unfortunately, this oily outer layer causes whole grains to spoil in just a few months, even at cold temperatures.


The Best Container for Storing Rice

Aroma Housewares is America’s #1 rice cooker brand, so we know rice! From storage to steaming and serving, we’re always here to help.