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Delicious Recipes & Helpful How-To's

Make healthy, delicious dishes with ease. We’re here to help.

How to Make the Best Hot Pot at Home

All you need is an authentic soup base, an electric hot pot cooker, and raw ingredients to take the plunge.

A Rice Dispenser for Perfect Measuring and Dry Storage

Unlock rice freshness with Aroma’s dispenser.

The Best Instant Pot Alternatives: Shop by Feature

Explore Instant Pot alternatives with Aroma’s multicookers. Discover versatile cooking modes for healthier, tastier meals at home.

Air Frying with Glass: What You Need to Know

Can you place a glass baking dish in an air fryer?

One-of-a-kind 'Elevator' Hot Pot

The first hot pot that is truly designed for everyone.

Brand New Site Reveal: Smart Features You’ll Love

Brand New Site Reveal: Smart Features You’ll Love

Best Electric Grills For Those Amazing Barbecues features the Aroma Electric Grill.

The Best Rice Cooker Buying Guide 2019 features the Aroma Rice Cooker.

7 Best Rice Cookers features the Aroma Rice Cooker