One-of-a-kind 'Elevator' Hot Pot

Shopping for housewares can be tricky. How do you know if it’s a reliable appliance that you’ll use every day or a simple gadget that will end up in a thrift shop?

Next time you’re shopping online or browsing at the store, put products to the test with these questions and see how they stand up.

Take the Smart Electric Hot Pot & Food Steamer, for example.

This countertop cooker is one of Aroma’s newest releases, and it’s also priced higher than most products in our catalog. It’s designed with sleek touch controls, rapid-boil power, and smart-lift technology, but is the one-of-a-kind ‘elevator’ hot pot good for more than just one thing? That’s an important question, and we’re here to help you answer it.


Will it simplify cooking for all three meals?

One kitchen appliance can (and should!) do so much.

Breakfast: Lift the basket to collect hardboiled eggs without fishing them out of boiling water.

Lunch: Lower the basket to dip fresh vegetables in a seasoned broth, then lift it back up for quick steaming with extra flavor.

Dinner: Bring water to a rapid boil, then lower pasta down to cook. The removable steamer basket doubles as a straining colander, so there’s one less dish to clean.


Can it cook what you love most (and do it exceptionally well)?

Hot pot and shabu-shabu taste even better in this modern hot pot. Three heat settings give you more precise temperature control, so you can keep your broth bubbling, even when cold foods are added. Lift the ‘elevator’ basket to check when everything is done and stop losing ingredients in the bottom of the pot.


Is it big enough for everyday use and family gatherings?

Healthier cooking starts with smarter portion sizes. 2.5 quarts is the perfect size for individuals, couples, and small families. This small hot pot won’t feed a crowd, but you can still cook big meals in small batches.


Do the upgraded features make a difference?

Consider what you’re really paying for and how it compares to simpler or older models. 

This one-of-a-kind ‘elevator’ hot pot lifts and lowers automatically with the touch of a button, even while the lid is on. It’s the key to a cleaner table, fewer dirty utensils, and less wasted food. Now you can replace strainer scoops and skimmer spoons! True innovation is more than just a new box logo.

Will this help me cook more safely at home?

Boil-dry protection, a steam release lid vent, and stay-cool exterior: this hot pot ticks every box. We know how important these details are for families with small children.

Invite little chefs to help by lifting and lowering the inner basket with touchscreen controls on the base. Kids will have more success safely grabbing ingredients out of the lifted strainer basket, rather than a pot of bubbling, hot broth. 


Do I have enough space to store and maintain this appliance?

If your kitchen lacks storage space, we have good news – this electric hot pot will fit wherever you have room, and it’s small enough to slide under most cabinet shelf organizers.

Plus, with a sleek touchscreen base and modern white pot, this appliance looks good enough to leave out on the counter. It’s a compact solution for apartment kitchens, hotel countertops, and dorm rooms, too.


The best kitchen appliances should simplify home cooking and unlock new recipe ideas. You deserve it!