The Best Instant Pot Alternatives: Shop by Feature

Instant Pot pressure cookers have recently come under pressure… Since the company announced a bankruptcy filing, the New York Times reported, “Instant Brands is one of many companies dealing with a lull in sales after a pandemic-fueled spike… Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives the company the chance to reorganize its business.”

The surprising, sudden news has left customers asking – should I start looking for an Instant Pot alternative? If the company’s future is uncertain, so are warranties and customer service claims.

The Best Instant Pot Alternatives

‘Potheads’ (the self-named community of Instant Pot fanatics) use the appliance for hands-off, quick meals. But Instant Pots aren’t the only way to do it. There are dozens of multicookers on the market, including smart models from Aroma Housewares.

What do you want your multicooker to do? Explore all the best cooking features and functions in these alternatives to the Instant Pot.

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#1 It’s not a Pressure Cooker

You’re not alone – lots of people are intimidated by pressure cookers!

Even a reliable, well-made pressure cooker isn’t necessarily a peaceful addition to your kitchen. Aroma multicookers offer safer, less stressful cooking methods without built-up steam pressure. Pressure cooker alternatives aren’t just Instant Pot knockoffs.

If you’re shopping around, you might prefer to choose something altogether different. 

#2 It’s a Rice Cooker

This is what Aroma does best! Instant Pots can cook rice, but that’s not what they’re built for. Aroma is America’s #1 Rice Cooker brand because we outperform Instant Pot every time. Several Aroma rice cookers even have specialty modes for brown rice, quinoa, quick rice, low-carb rice, and more.

One Pot Curry Rice

#3 It’s also a Food Steamer

Steaming is a quick way to cook without any extra oil. Most Instant Pots have a special steam setting, but they all lack one versatile feature for one-pot meals… Aroma multicookers can steam ingredients in the basket while rice cooks in the pot below. That’s a first!

#4 It’s also a Slow Cooker

Instant Pots cook faster than slow cookers – it’s obvious from the name, but speed isn’t the only factor to consider. Aroma slow cookers unlock the ability to lift the lid, check food while it cooks, and season as you go for more flavorful meals.

Rice Cooker Chicken Wings

#5 It’s also a Food Warmer

Slowly reheat soup, serve party dips, or keep a batch of fluffy rice warm until you’re ready to eat. Aroma rice cookers and multicookers have a warming mode that holds food at the perfect temperature, just like Instant Pots.

#6 It’s also a Sauté Pan

Did you know that most Aroma multicookers have a patented cooking mode called Sauté-then-Simmer (STS®)? Sauté on high heat, then add liquid and close the lid to start simmering with a single touch; it’s only available from Aroma.

Spicy Vodka Rigatoni

#7 It’s also a Yogurt Maker

The Instant Pot yogurt setting made homemade yogurt popular again! Good news – Aroma can do it, too. Shop for a smart multicooker that turns milk and yogurt cultures into a healthy, convenient treat.

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For almost 50 years, Aroma has built a legacy and earned the title of America’s #1 Rice Cooker. We’re here to help you serve up healthier, tastier meals at home with appliances that last.