Air Frying with Glass: What You Need to Know

Whether you prefer the benefits of cooking in glass or you just use glass dishes out of habit, we’ve got good news – yes! You can use glass in an air fryer.

(But there are a few exceptions… keep reading, we’ll explain.)


Why Use Glass in an Air Fryer?

Glass baking dishes have been used for centuries, and they’re still a favorite for home chefs today.

Tempered glass looks stunning, and it’s surprisingly durable. Glass is an aesthetic staple in most modern kitchens, but it serves a technical purpose, too.

Crystal-clear glass makes it easy to monitor food without lifting the lid or removing the basket, which would disrupt the cooking process. With clear visibility and a watchful eye, glass helps you prevent overcooking delicate foods.

Glass also has great heat retention, so these cooking dishes and appliances can achieve more efficient, even cooking temperatures.

Did you know that glass is a non-reactive material? Unlike aluminum, copper, and many surface coatings, glass won’t alter the flavor of your food. In glass cooking dishes, even highly acidic and alkaline ingredients, like citrus marinades and tomato sauces, shine with pure flavor.

There are lots of advantages to cooking with glass, even in an air fryer – now it just comes down to safety.


Check for Durability

Not all glass dishes are the same, and some fragile glassware won’t be able to withstand the heat and air speed of your air fryer. Thick, tempered glass is always the best choice because it’s durable and specially designed for heat-resistance. 

If your glass mug or dish has survived in the microwave or oven before, it likely won’t break in the air fryer. Even still, we recommend holding your dish up to the light to check for cracks or scratches before using glass bakeware in an air fryer. Safety first!


Consider Size and Shape

Air flow is super important in an air fryer, hence the name. Before you put glass in an air fryer (or any other type of dish), just make sure it’s not too big. Any dish you put inside should take up less than half the basket space; otherwise, your food may cook slowly and unevenly.

Air fryers work like powerful, mini convection ovens that evenly circulate and distribute air around the frying basket. The more barriers and hard surfaces you place inside, the less effectively your air fryer will work, glass or otherwise.


Use a Glass Air Fryer Basket

Instead of wondering, ‘Can I put a glass dish in my air fryer?’ we encourage you to choose glass from the start.

Aroma’s 360Crispy Glass Air Fryer combines everything you love about glass with the crispy modern convenience of an air fryer. Our compact 3-quart air fryer has a thick, tempered glass frying basket that is non-toxic, super durable, and easy to clean.

Plus, you can monitor your food as it cooks to a perfect, golden brown. Putting glass inside an opaque fryer basket kind of defeats the purpose, huh?

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