Fall in Love with These Healthy Carbs

Keto, Atkins, Paleo, Whole30, South Beach… dozens of diets recommend limiting carbohydrates, but it’s hard to do. Elimination isn’t always possible, and it’s not always healthy. Instead, nutritionists emphasize the importance of prioritizing complex carbs and whole grains.

Improve your diet one ingredient at a time by swapping in these nutritious alternatives:

1.Swap Quinoa for Bulgur

Looking for low carb rice alternatives? Quinoa is a healthy whole grain with lots of protein, but bulgur is even better for reducing carbohydrates. If you’ve never tired bulgur before, this Mediterranean Bulgur Salad is a great place to start.

2.Swap Porridge for Chia Seeds

Prep your chia seed pudding the night before for a no-cook, silky-smooth breakfast that is filled with protein, healthy fats, and fiber. This unprocessed whole grain will naturally plump up and create a low-carb pudding when soaked in unsweetened almond milk. Looking for more flavor? Add a little cocoa powder or vanilla extract.

3.Snack on Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs have virtually no carbohydrates and six grams of protein! Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect snack for a filling pick-me-up throughout the day because they’re easy to cook, store, and transport. Follow our simple guide to cook the perfect boiled eggs in your Aroma rice cooker.

4.Swap French Fries for Air Fried Turnips and Carrots

Use Aroma’s new air fryer or a convection oven to cook light, crispy fries with vitamin-rich root vegetables. Dry, circulating heat allows you to skip the oil altogether and cut calories. Experiment with flavorful herb seasonings, like garlic and oregano or chili cumin, to bring out the natural sweetness of carrots and tang of turnips.

5.Swap Casserole for Chili

Beans are technically high in carbohydrates, but they’re an essential source of fiber. Fiber is digested differently than other carbs, and it won’t affect blood sugar levels.

If you have the time, start with raw, dried beans – they’re healthier than canned beans and denser in key nutrients. Soak them overnight to prepare and cook on the ‘brown rice’ setting in your rice cooker!

6.Remove Up to 30% of Carbs from White Rice

What if you love the flavor and texture of white rice too much to give it up entirely? Aroma’s SmartCarb® technology removes up to 30% of starchy sugars with a fluffier, healthier texture. With the right rice cooker, you don’t have to swap out your favorite ingredients; just transform them in 30 minutes!


At Aroma, we believe that eating well shouldn’t be complicated. With our innovative, high-quality appliances, everyone can cook satisfying meals and cut down on carbs.