These Small Appliances Will Get You Through the Holidays

Still trying to check gifts off your holiday shopping list? You’re not alone… Luckily, everyone eats, and everyone cooks!

Our winter gift guide is full of tips and advice to help you wrap up even faster (pun intended). Here are the best kitchen gifts that even hard-to-please relatives will love: 


For Homemakers and Homebodies

Digital Bread Maker

+ cranberry or fig jam, cinnamon, and a bread knife

Make home smell like home with the cozy scent of pull-apart cinnamon rolls baking in the kitchen. It’s even better with a fruity holiday twist!


For Artists and Crafters

2-in-1 Whatever Pot®

+ bamboo cutlery, non-toxic paint, and dishwasher-safe mod podge

Holiday break means holiday crafts! Kickstart their creativity with a simple DIY kit to create paint-dipped utensils that match their new favorite appliance. 


For Foodies and Cooks

Stainless Steel Wok

+ olive oil, squeeze bottles, and silicone dish drying mat

Woks cook hotter and faster than a frying pan, especially with Aroma’s triple-forged stainless steel. This gift will get them out of the kitchen and into the holiday spirit even faster. 


For Travelers and Explorers

Purple Clay Rice & Grain Multicooker

+ dried shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp, and mini serving bowls 

Flavors from around the world are coming home for the holidays. This Taiwanese sticky rice recipe is an easy side dish for parties, and it tastes even better in authentic Chinese purple clay.



For Technology Lovers

360° Induction Rice & Grain Multicooker

+ strawberries, whipped cream, and kitchen appliance cord organizers

The heating technology inside this rice cooker is seriously advanced – give them a delicious reason to try it out on this cozy dessert. (Bonus points for gamer-friendly cable management.)



For Students and Book Lovers

Digital Glass Kettle

+ peppermint hot chocolate, bookmarks, and a travel mug

Keep them cozy, warm, and focused with a hot drink to get through finals or just the end of their next chapter.


For Athletes and Adventurers

Digital Food Dehydrator

+ a fresh fruit basket and reusable silicone snack bags

Prep for snowy hikes or an adrenaline-filled day on the slopes with fresh, healthy fuel. Homemade fruit snacks add a summery burst of flavor to cold winter days.


Don’t Overthink It.

The easiest way to shop for a crowd is to find a store and stick to it! You can minimize holiday shopping stress by gifting products from companies you already know and love. Choose a recognizable brand that is widely available and has a strong reputation for quality.

If you’ve already tested and tried Aroma Housewares, you know that these Christmas kitchen gifts are designed to last. Don’t risk broken parts, shoddy customer service, or missing packages. This season, you can get all your shopping done with Aroma.

Remember, you’re looking for…

✓ affordable, budget-friendly prices

✓ reliable quality from a trusted brand

✓ compact essentials that don’t waste space

✓ practical, versatile items for everyday use

✓ advanced technology that makes life easier 


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