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Endless Possibilities
White Bread
Whole Wheat

Overview & Specs

Baking fresh bread at home is now a simple pleasure!

With the AROMA® 1.5lb. Digital Bread Maker, delicious homemade bread has never been easier to prepare. Its intuitive and convenient digital control panel has 11 preset functions to choose from, from White Bread to Sweet Bread to Jam. The large baking cavity can perfectly bake a 1lb. or 1.5lb. loaf using any of the preset functions or manually whipping up your own recipe. You can bake loaves to your exact preference by further customizing the crust color of your bread with options of light, medium, or dark. It also comes equipped with a time-saving Ultra-Fast function, which can bake a 1lb. or 1.5lb. loaf in just under 1 hour! When the baking is done, the nonstick baking pan allows for a stress-free loaf transfer and an easy cleanup.
1 Year Limited Warranty

7.2 lbs

Product Dimensions

10.8″H x 9.1″L x 11.5″W

Power Consumption

120V 60Hz 450W


For Required California AB1200 Disclosure, please check here

Disclaimer-California Prop 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

(Applicable to California Residents Only)

Try These Bread Maker Recipes

95 mins
Serves 14

Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

A fun way to enjoy a delicious, sweet roll with strawberry jam and rich cream cheese icing.

3.25 hours
Serves 10

Twisted Nutella Bread

Freshly baked bread filled to the brim with warm, delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread

85 minutes
Serves 2

Sparkling Rosé Floats with Rose Petal Jam

A fresh, fruity and boozy dessert served with some freshly homemade rose petal jam

Common Questions & Helpful Answers

From basics to troubleshooting.

Your product’s model number is a 6-7 character code in the format of XXX-XXXX and can be found on the manufacturer’s sticker on the back side or bottom of your appliance. Breadmaker model numbers will begin with “ABM” followed by a hyphen and 3-4 numbers and/or letters.

Yes, all-purpose flour can be used in recipes prepared in your breadmaker. However, it does not rise as well as or as quickly as bread flour. All-purpose flour is best suited for low-rising baked goods like cake, muffins, and cookies.

If your loaf doesn’t come out as quite as planned, we recommend referring to your product manual. The extensive and detailed “Troubleshooting” section will help determine exactly what component of your bread was compromised and the proper solution or steps to take while creating your next loaf.

Misplaced your product manual? Head over here and type in your model number to find an online copy of the manual.

Slight odors and smoke emitting from your breadmaker upon first use is completely normal due to its manufacturing. Refer to the “Before First Use” section in your product manual and follow the steps before proceeding to use your breadmaker.

Misplaced your product manual? Head over here and type in your model number to find an online copy of the manual.

Yes, you can remove the bread dough after the rising cycle, reshape into any shape, then allow it to rise in a warm, draft-free location and bake in your oven as desired.

If your dough is sticking to the baking pan, we recommend spraying nonstick spray onto the baking pan and the paddle before beginning to mix your dough.

If you’ve already made your dough and can’t remove it from the baking pan, try rubbing softened butter onto the paddle and mixing the dough for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Water and other liquids should always be added to your baking pan first, followed by fats (such as butter, oil, or shortening), all dry ingredients, then finally the yeast.

There are two different types of yeast: Active-Dry Yeast and Instant Yeast (also referred to as “Bread Machine Yeast”).

Active Dry Yeast can be added directly to your baking pan with no pre-soaking required. This type of yeast generally takes longer to rise than Instant Yeast. For best results, store Active Dry Yeast in the refrigerator after use.

Instant Yeast is shelf-stable, quick to rise, and can also be added directly to your baking pan with no pre-soaking required. Instant Yeast works well with any bread function but best with the Quick Bread or Ultra Fast functions.

If the digital display on your breadmaker is showing an error code, refer to the “Troubleshooting” section in your product manual. This section will detail what each error code means and what steps you should take to correct the error.

Misplaced your product manual? Head over here [hyperlink to manuals page] and type in your model number to find an online copy of the manual.