Rice Cooker Hacks for Sticky Rice

Sweet sticky rice can turn a simple meal into something special. Open a world of culinary possibilities with these easy rice cooker recipes.

There are several ways to cook sticky rice, and many traditional recipes suggest a slow process of soaking and steaming. Luckily, with an Aroma rice cooker, you don’t have to soak your sticky rice overnight. Bring out the sticky, chewy texture of sticky rice in a rice cooker – no steaming or soaking required.

(Plus, keep reading to find simple recipes for Thai mango sticky rice, Taiwanese sticky rice, and Chinese zongzi in your rice cooker. Zongzi are delicious, sticky rice dumplings that are filled, wrapped, and steamed to perfection – you’ll definitely want to try it!)

How to Make Sticky Rice in Aroma Rice Cooker – no soaking necessary!

Sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice, becomes chewy and sticky when cooked – no surprise! Unlike regular long- and short-grain rice varieties, sticky rice often has a higher starch content, which creates a yummy, sticky texture. But with the right preparation and long soaking, you might be able to bring out extra stickiness in any rice variety.

Is sticky rice the same as sushi rice? Nope! Sushi rice has a somewhat sticky feel, but it’s nothing like genuine sticky rice. Sushi rice only achieves this texture through the seasoning process with added sugar, salt, and rice vinegar.

Visit your local Asian market to shop for products that are specifically labeled as ‘sticky rice’ or ‘glutinous rice.’ There are many different sticky rice varieties, so it’s a good idea to follow the package instructions. Some types of sticky rice can be cooked immediately, but if you’re using a traditional sticky rice steam cooking method, you’ll need to pre-soak. In general, the longer you soak rice, the softer and stickier it will become after steaming.

Luckily, if you’re cooking sticky rice in an Aroma rice cooker, you don’t have to pre-soak or steam. Just add ⅔ cup of water for every cup of sticky rice and follow the normal steps:

  1. Use Aroma’s rice cup for measuring and pour it into the rice cooker pot
  2. Rinse the sticky rice under cold water until the water runs clear
  3. Add ⅔ cup of water for every cup of uncooked sticky rice
  4. Turn on the ‘white rice’ setting and allow to cook for 20-30 minutes (it will automatically switch over to ‘keep warm’ when it’s done)
  5. Let the rice sit on ‘keep warm’ for a few minutes, then lift the lid, fluff, and serve!


Ready to try a sticky rice recipe? We’ve got three delicious ideas:

Chinese Zongzi Recipe: Sticky, Steamed, and Perfectly Sweet

Put your sticky rice skills to the test with a sweet version of this classic treat from Chinese cuisine. Zongzi is a traditional sticky rice dumpling that is most popular during the Duanwu (or Dragon Boat) Festival!

It’s sticky, sweet, and aromatic – plus, surprisingly easy to steam in an Aroma rice cooker.

Taiwanese Sticky Rice Recipe: gooey, flavorful with Shiitake mushroom

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Recipe: Light, Traditional Dessert

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