5 Delicious Mommy & Me Desserts To Make In Your Rice Cooker

Cooking with your children creates memories that will last a lifetime. It also provides a unique and fun opportunity to teach them a few basic cooking skills, which they will likely appreciate in the future.  

Did you know that you can save so much time baking with some help from your rice cooker?  

The handy appliance can do a lot more than steam grains or vegetables. You may use it for hard (or soft) boiling eggs, slow-cooking meats, and even baking cupcakes. Thanks to the rice cooker’s unique heating technology, desserts tend to come out extra soft and fluffy. 

In this blog post, our team shares a couple of fun and easy kid-friendly desserts to bake in your rice cooker.  

Fun and Easy To Make Rice Cooker Dessert Recipes  

Blueberry Muffins  

Muffins are an extremely versatile dessert to serve for breakfast, after dinner, or as a light mid-day snack. Growing up, we found that eating muffins for breakfast was always a nice change of pace from usual savory dishes.  

Baking cupcakes or muffins in a rice cooker leaves them perfectly moist and fluffy every time. Kids love to assist with mixing ingredients in batters, especially using colorful fruits like blueberries. The berries are also loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants and essential vitamins, making this dessert equally nutritious yet delicious.

Apple Cider Cupcakes  

Our cider-infused cupcakes topped with creamy pumpkin pie spiced frosting are the perfect Fall treat. They are pretty simple to make using an electronic or handheld mixer and highlight Autumn-inspired flavors exceptionally well. We also sprinkled extra cinnamon and garnished each cupcake with an apple slice for some added flair. However, you can get as creative as possible with your toppings using festive sprinkles, roasted nuts, or candy.  

Your kids will adore these tasty cupcakes and, most of all, the time spent making them with you. They also make an excellent sweet treat to serve at Halloween parties, school bake sales, and other special events. 

Creme Brulee  

Unlike traditional Crème Brulee recipes that often require over four hours of work, this straightforward rice cooker variation is ready to serve in under thirty minutes. It is crafted using only one egg, whipped cream, sugar, and water.  

Complex desserts like Crème Brulee may not be your first option for baking with the little ones. However, this quick and easy recipe is entirely kid-friendly. It also gives parents a chance to teach their children about the iconic European dish.  

Bread Pudding  

Our team has prepared a delicious pumpkin bread pudding recipe packed with Autumnal spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It is a fun and slightly sticky dessert that your kids will love helping you create.   

You may serve the bread pudding on its own or topped with whipped cream. Vanilla ice cream is also an excellent topping option paired with a warm slice. We recommend using egg-based loaves of bread like brioche or challah for this recipe to get the ideal thick yet fluffy consistency. Our blog also features a savory bread pudding recipe if you want something heartier. 

Caramel Pear Parfait 


These yummy desserts are typically custard or yogurt-based and topped with fresh fruits, nuts, or seeds. They make a fantastic grab-and-go breakfast option for busy mornings before school. 

Our delightful caramel pear parfait is a must-try dessert to make in your rice cooker. It boasts a balanced sweet yet tart flavor. Your kids may also customize their toppings to their liking, allowing for a creative and engaging baking lesson.  

How Aroma Can Help  

Are you ready to give one of these delicious rice cooker desserts a taste?  

Baking cakes, puddings, and muffins are almost effortless, thanks to the handy appliance. Aroma offers a myriad of top-quality digital rice and grain multicookers. They come in various sizes that accommodate different family sizes. Our rice cookers feature a 15-hour delay timer, customizable digital controls, and so much more. These appliances are also incredibly safe and straightforward to use, allowing your little ones to assist you throughout the baking process.